Amon Amarth House Of Blues Hollywood Show Review & Interview 04/24/11

Whether this was your first time seeing “Amon Amarth” perform live or your tenth time, this was the show to be at; and of all days a holiday at that. While other people were probably still hanging out in their backyards hunting for easter eggs and grilling on the bbq, the House of Blues was metal head central.

Everyone uniting for one sole purpose, to support and enjoy the ridiculously awesome music of “Amon Amarth”. As “Amon Amarth took the stage just around 9:30pm, the crowd went into a frenzy. Tonight was no ordinary night for “Amon Amarth” as they were challenged with the great task of delivering a double set. That’s right they played two sets which the first set included their latest album release “Surtur Rising” in it’s entirety, and their 2nd set was filled with a mixture of all their classic tunes.

Fist pumping in the air and bodies rolling as metal heads crowd surfed, made me feel like I was part of a revolution. The way “Amon Amarths” music spoke to its fans is beyond words. This was a sold out show and there were bodies from the front to the back, side to side and upstairs as well. Whenever I looked around, there wasn’t one person not banging their head, pumping their fist or singing a long like all good vikings should. I give this show two horns up \m/!

I had a chance to interview guitarist Olavi Mikkonen just before their show. We discussed the current tour, future tours, music video in the works and more.The interview was a little dark as we were hidden away in the viking layer of “Amon Amarth”. Check out the interview and some live show footage below.


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Check out these live show photos courtesy of Silvia Paveri.

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