Murderdolls Show Review at The Roxy Theatre 04/24/11

Zombie Jesus Day was now officially Murderdolls Day!  The Murderdolls have a dedicated fan base that would kill for them. That says a lot, since there’s not too many bands that can say they have this kind of support. It was more of a big family gathering than anything. Everyone sharing one main interest, and that being the love for some fucking Murderdolls.

The crowd was starting to get a little antsy as they knew the show was about to begin. Everyone getting as close to the stage as they possibly could, bodies on bodies, sweat on sweat.

Finally the fucking Murderdolls took the stage. They started off their set with “Chapel of Blood”, and the crowd went berzerk . Bodies jumping on bodies, horns pumping in the air. It was one big wave of madness from the front of the stage to the back of the venue.

Other songs that they played during this set included “Slit My Wrist”, “She Was a Teenage Zombie”, New Song “Nowhere’, and some other sick tunes. At one point during their set Joey Jordison put on his emphamis “Slipknot” Mask, and the crowd went coo coo for coco puffs; in fact I think the guy next to me literally shit himself.

Sometime during the set “Wednesday 13 says “Were a little tired and a little drunk, wasn’t going to play this song; but fuck it!”  “You’re the best crowd we’ve played for in a long time.” That’s when they jumped right into their song “Summertime Suicide” and the crowd was pumping their fist, and at this point of the show the entire crowd was just one big pool of sweat; but loving every moment of it.

“Wednesday 13” then started to pump up the crowd with the chanting of the word “Die”. As the crowd continued to chant “Die” and pump their fist in the air in unison they immediately went right into their next song “Die My Bride” off of their first album “Beyond the Valley of the Murder Dolls”. The next song was a new one called “Blood Stained Valentine”, pretty fucking awesome song live.

Toward the end of their set they brought out a chocolate cake to have an early celebration for Joeys birthday with the crowd singing happy birthday. The Murderdolls then dedicated a song to the late Paul Gray bass player of “Slipknot”. Wednesday 13 stated that one of Pauls most favorite Murderdolls songs was “Welcome To The Strange” and then proceeded to play it.

As the Murderdolls walked off the stage and came back to do a few last songs, they ended their set with “Dead in Hollywood” and the crowd was loving every minute of it. All and all this was a great fucking show. The stage presence of every member was always intense and never dull. It’s pretty obvious that the Murderdolls love their fans just as much as their fans love them. I give this show two horns up \m/ \m/.

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Check out these live show pics courtesy of Silvia Paveri.

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